CWe at Charger Truck Sales make financing a used Charger truck much easier than ever. Even if you are an established business or a startup owner/operator we can help you with the best financing and leasing options. Being in the logistics industry we have built excellent relationships with finance companies and help you secure a loan. If required, we can work with you to secure a no-credit loan too. Besides that, clients with existing loans can be provided with low-interest credits. We can also help in renegotiating and modifying financial terms.

Low interest credits are accessible for clients with existing loans. We can enable you to renegotiate your advance or modify the terms of the agreement. You're only a stage far from affirmed financing!.


  • Have a plan for the truck you’re about to buy
  • Estimate how much your equipment will be making year-round
  • Most highway tractors are financed over five years
  • A good place to start looking for money is with the manufacturers
  • Our finance and insurance guy is available to anyone who walks through the door
  • Loan brokers are another option

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